The Future of the Trade Show Exhibit Industry

Trade shows exhibition displays has been evolving and still keeps evolving. Unlike the past where trade shows exhibitions were presented through the word of mouth and hand written flows charts presentations, advancement in technology has made trade show exhibition more efficient and easy. Many companies nowadays compete to ensure that they give the best impression to potential clients. As a result they use cutting edge graphics and displays to ensure that they give the best impression to their clients. In this article we are going to focus on current trends on types of displays and graphic used as well as what the future could possibly be for trade show industry.

exhibitionof thefuture

Current trends

1. Huge TV screen display

Unlike the past where companies mainly relied on word or mouth and use of hand written pie charts and graph to present to visitors, technological advancement has made it easy for companies to present using huge screen displays and projectors. Huge screen displays with customized advertisement has made it easy for company to market their products or services to visitors without using so much effort.

2. 3D technology

3D technology is another great invention that many businesses have taken advantage of to showcase their products or service on major trade shows. This cutting edge technology gives clear visual explanation of products or services that the business offers.

3. Use of laminated prints

Most businesses nowadays use laminated prints to add quality graphic to their booth. Quality graphic is very important because it is able to differentiate one company from another. It also helps to market the brand of the business.

What to expect in future

1. Holographic display

A holographic display is a type of display that utilizes light diffraction to create a virtual 3D image of an object. This technology is actually different from other form of 3D imaging because it does not require the aid of special glasses or special external equipment in order for the visitor to view the image. Although this technology is still new, it is expected to be future trend.

2. Use of backdrop banners

Although some businesses are currently using backdrop banners to attract visitors in trade shows, this option is will surely be there in future. It is not only an effective way of marketing products or services in trade shows but it is also a cheaper option. Business can also surround their booth with banner stands to highlight various products or some of the special offers that they have. They are also very easy to transport and set up and there is no doubt that they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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