Products of the Future Seen at CES 2018

For the last few years The CES show has been presenting not only new consumer products, but also concepts that will shape our vision of the future. We have collected 10 interesting announcements of CES 2018, which show the direction in which consumer electronics is moving.

CES 2018

  1. Smartphone with a built-in fingerprint scanner

The Chinese manufacturer Vivo has presented a smartphone in which the fingerprint scanner is built into the display. This is made possible by using the Synaptics Clear ID FS9500 sensor. It is so thin that it can be positioned between the screen matrix and the protective glass. The speed of recognition is slightly slower than traditional fingerprint scanners, but manufacturers can finally imbed them into models with thin frames.

  1. Modular TV with MicroLED

Samsung showcased The Wall TV with a diagonal of 146 inches and a new matrix MicroLED. The latter contains solid-state LED elements integrated on the surface of the silicon substrate, with the size less than 100 microns. Each of them acts as a separate pixel. Thus, the new matrix is similar to OLED, but Samsung claims that they managed to achieve a higher density of pixel placement, overcome the problem with their burnout, and also reduce power consumption. What is modular in The Wall? The fact is that the TV actually consists of several separate frameless panels, the boundaries of which are not visible during the display of content. In Samsung, they are sure that in the future users will be able to make TVs of the desired diagonal. Nevertheless, at the moment this is just a concept and the company does not specify even the number of panels that are used in The Wall.

  1. Game Monitors with a Diagonal of 65 inches

One of the most exciting announcements on CES 2018 is the 65-inch BFGD (Big Format Gaming Display) monitors that support 4K resolution, HDR, 120Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA G-Sync technology. Their production will be on Acer, ASUS and HP, but their platform was developed by NVIDIA. In fact, BFGD can be considered as a TV with a built-in NVIDIA Shield console. However, NVIDIA insists that this product is a gaming monitor, although they do not yet disclose other characteristics and the price.

  1. Flexible TV

No less interesting than BFGD, CES 2018 showcased a 65-inch OLED TV from LG, which can be folded into a its base. The secret of this technology is that the TV’s panel is flexible. While this is not yet a commercial product, but considering that just a few years ago LG showed only an 18-inch flexible screen, then progress is clearly seen.


  1. Intel Processors with Integrated AMD Graphics

A year ago it was difficult to imagine that the main competitors in the processor market will create a joint product. Nevertheless, a request from consumers prompted Intel to create the 8th-generation H-series chips, which are intended for use in laptops and workstations. At the moment there is no detailed technical information about the new processors but it is known that they will include Core i5 and Core i7 models with discrete graphics of AMD Radeon RX Vega M and 4 GB of HMB2 video memory.

  1. 4K Projector with HDR10

In addition to flexible TV, LG has brought real product to CES 2018, although it looks pretty futuristic. The new HU80KA projector can display an image on the wall with a diagonal of 150 inches in 4K resolution. The maximum luminous flux is 2500 lumens, which provides the projector with HDR10 support.

  1. Electrocars

Henrik Fisker finally showed a serial version of the premium-class electric car Fisker Emotion with a power of 780 hp, with a top speed of 162 mi / h and a claimed power reserve of 400 miles.
Also, a Chinese company Byton showed the concept of an electric-crossover with a 272-horsepower engine and a battery of 71 kWh, which will provide a power reserve for approximately 250 miles. The manufacturer assures that the car is ready for 85% and its sales in China at a price of $ 45 K will start in 2019.

  1. HTC Virtual Reality Headset

Despite the fact that virtual reality headsets have not yet gained wide popularity, manufacturers do not stop working in this direction. At CES 2018, HTC brought a new VR Pro VR headset, which increased the resolution to 2880 × 1600 pixels (1400 × 1600 pixels for each eye), and the pixel density per inch reached 615. At the same time, the device became less cumbersome and features built-in headphones.

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Augmented Reality at Trade Shows

New technology opens new horizons for businesses and industries in a whole. Even a trade show industry, which is often considered to be traditional and conservative in some way, leaves plenty of room for innovations and novelties. One of such innovations could be augmented reality(AR), a technology capable of taking exhibitions, booths and even experiences to a brand new level.

Augmente reality

What is augmented reality?

This is a technology that allows us by the means of digital devices to lay computer graphics or text over real world objects so that users can see embedded images and manipulate them in real time. Thus, making your trade show booth interactive using this technology, you can gain much more attention, and such a display will definitely stand out among competitors. Nowadays displays with augmented reality can be met at engineering and high-tech exhibitions, auto-moto, real estate, constriction trade shows.

Attendees, who encounter this technology for the first time, can have different, even opposite reactions. Some will be puzzled, trying to find virtual objects they see on a screen of their phones or tablets in the real world, some will be delighted and thrilled, but no matter what reactions they will demonstrate you will reach one important goal – your presentation will be memorable, visitors will talk about it and spread their new experience with others.

Objects of augmented reality are not only static, it is possible to make them move and interact with them as with real objects – look at moving parts of machines, open doors in a virtual building, start different processes. This action can be accompanied with specifications, videos, explanations, also executed in virtual reality.

augmented reality object

How can augmented reality help exhibitors?

Augmented reality is not only exciting for visitors. Utilizing this technology companies can solve a number problems they face during exhibiting.

AR can stand in good stead for those exhibitors who, for one reason or another, can’t deliver exhibits to a show. Such reasons can be associated with difficulties in delivering exhibits (for examples, exhibits from abroad); their cost (antiques, pieces of art, fragile and exclusive commodities); large size (machinery, architectural projects); bespoke and custom-built products that are impossible to demonstrate in terms of exhibition (cottage, sets of furniture).

Also, we shouldn’t forget that exhibition space is limited and often expensive. Companies can place several full scale exhibits at a display, but this can be not enough. With augmented reality the quantity of exhibits is not limited.

Moreover, it is not possible to damage or steal valuable commodities, so no need to provide expensive security measures or purchase insurance.

Booth stuff can also find this technology extremely useful. It visually can explain a complex process of manufacture, or demonstrate an inner structure of machines or buildings in an understandable way. It doesn’t mean people at the booth are not needed, but augmented reality can make their task must easier.

As we already mentioned, augmented reality allows interacting with models of products that otherwise are not possible to present at a display. Visitors have an opportunity to ‘make a contact’ with a model, operate it, get acquainted with a range of products this company presents and much more. For this purpose exhibitors will provide visitors with iPads with AR soft, or attendees can try their own gadgets to see virtual objects. Moreover, exhibitors can provide an opportunity for some of the potential vip-clients to carry the whole presentation home in the pocket. It is enough to just fit out clients with software and instructions on how to use it.

The whole exhibition or marketing campaign can be build around augmented reality. Imagine your invite some of the potential clients with AR-powered invitations. They will no doubt arouse much more interest that standard emails or paper invitation. In addition you can supply some of the handouts or giveaways with this technology, and it is for sure that they won’t end up in a dumpster in 5 minutes after a show.

It can be seen as expensive technology, but in fact you will only need to invest in creating virtual models and software. Then you just allocate a space at your display for viewing virtual reality objects, provide your booth with iPads, and that’s all. You can use this technology many times, from show to show, adding more objects if you require. It doesn’t replace a need in traditional booth, but combining these two elements together in attempt of making an interactive display you can achieve much more that using only conventional ways of exhibiting.

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The Benefits of Marketing at a Trade Show

If you are unfamiliar with trade shows, they are definitely one of the best ways to get your company out there and known by others. It also proves to be a great opportunity to create lasting partnerships that will aid in your growth and maintenance over the years, so there is really no reason you should be leaving this out of your list of things to do. Still not so sure about what the deal is with these trade shows? Just read on because we’ll be going all in depth about this stuff.

Trade shows are held for different and specific industries and are typically sponsored by the trade associations. Every year we see thousands of these shows going on. Now it is also more common that these trade shows are exclusive and not any person can just walk in, these aren’t public. If you’re looking for an association for your industry, it would be beneficial for you to take a look through the Encyclopedia of Associations by Gale Research. This is something you can probably find are your very own local library if you’re unsure of where to start.


In order to attend these trade shows, you’re going to need to contact the facility the convention will be held at. These shows are well planned, usually months ahead, so as long as you figure out about it then you’ll have no problem making the time out to get there. You can also do a web search to find out about the shows in and out of your area. It is important to know that trade shows hold a lot of opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise if you didn’t attend them.

Why would you want to go to these trade shows? Well first of all, it’s more than a great way to find customers. These customers can hold a lot of potential growth for your company down the line and you may even find an investor. These trade shows are more than just an economical way of getting sales, you get downright personal and one on one with people which adds to the experience. It’s an amazing way to check on the new trends and get new ideas that you can implement for your very own business or company. The benefits of marketing at a trade show are countless and definitely shouldn’t be slept on.

Trade show is a great place to make a statement about yourself, your business, your products, services, your prospects and your future. Whether you are a newbie on the market or a seasoned business, you need your display to really pop and stand out among the counterparts and countless little aids can assist you in this little venture – from massive custom displays to smaller exhibition products like trade show table covers, counters, signs, ect. especially if you use graphics that allow clearly identify your business and your trade mark. If your presentation is successful potential clients will associate your brand with  something valuable and will gladly buy from you. To learn more what medias you can use in your presentations you can visit here


People are very social creatures and it’s important to learn how to thrive in such conditions. This is also a great opportunity to open your mind and see what other retailers or businesses are doing. Check out what works and what seems to not work so well, learn the competition and plan for your future according to the experience. There is no doubt that there is always room for improvement in even the best companies.

Trade shows are some of the best places to generate leads and network. Build up your list of contacts and even teach others about your business and what it provides. The people and businesses at trade shows are also striving to achieve, just like you, and this is one of the best atmospheres to surround yourself with. Let the incentive to do the best build up in you and don’t forget to have fun while you attend these events which are full of endless opportunities for you and your business.

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The Future of the Trade Show Exhibit Industry

Trade shows exhibition displays has been evolving and still keeps evolving. Unlike the past where trade shows exhibitions were presented through the word of mouth and hand written flows charts presentations, advancement in technology has made trade show exhibition more efficient and easy. Many companies nowadays compete to ensure that they give the best impression to potential clients. As a result they use cutting edge graphics and displays to ensure that they give the best impression to their clients. In this article we are going to focus on current trends on types of displays and graphic used as well as what the future could possibly be for trade show industry.

exhibitionof thefuture

Current trends

1. Huge TV screen display

Unlike the past where companies mainly relied on word or mouth and use of hand written pie charts and graph to present to visitors, technological advancement has made it easy for companies to present using huge screen displays and projectors. Huge screen displays with customized advertisement has made it easy for company to market their products or services to visitors without using so much effort.

2. 3D technology

3D technology is another great invention that many businesses have taken advantage of to showcase their products or service on major trade shows. This cutting edge technology gives clear visual explanation of products or services that the business offers.

3. Use of laminated prints

Most businesses nowadays use laminated prints to add quality graphic to their booth. Quality graphic is very important because it is able to differentiate one company from another. It also helps to market the brand of the business.

What to expect in future

1. Holographic display

A holographic display is a type of display that utilizes light diffraction to create a virtual 3D image of an object. This technology is actually different from other form of 3D imaging because it does not require the aid of special glasses or special external equipment in order for the visitor to view the image. Although this technology is still new, it is expected to be future trend.

2. Use of backdrop banners

Although some businesses are currently using backdrop banners to attract visitors in trade shows, this option is will surely be there in future. It is not only an effective way of marketing products or services in trade shows but it is also a cheaper option. Business can also surround their booth with banner stands to highlight various products or some of the special offers that they have. They are also very easy to transport and set up and there is no doubt that they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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